Greek Food & Drink


If you’re looking to have AUTHENTIC GREEK FOOD prepared how they do it in Greece, then the Tremont Greek Fest is the place to find it. Our Memorial Day Greek food fest will have a wide variety of all your favorite Greek dishes and ones you’ve never tried. Whether you have a taste for the Traditional Gyro, or a full course meal with Lamb, Mousakka and our world famous Loukoumathes for Dessert, you’ll definitely not walk away hungry! All our platters and pastries below are all homemade recipes provided by our local parishioners  passed down from Generation to Generation for your enjoyment!

Dinner Platters

Fish Plaki (Friday only) – Baked white Cod fish seasoned with Fresh vegetables, served with Greek style green beans, rice pilaf , Greek Salad and roll
Chicken Oregano Oven roasted half chicken marinated with lemon, oregano and other Greek seasonings, served with Greek style green beans, & rice pilaf
SoutzoukakiaGreek Style meat balls in a fresh tomato sauce, served with Greek style green beans, rice pilaf, Greek Salad, and roll
Souvlaki – (Greek style Shish Kabob) Grilled marinated cubes of pork, served with Greek style green beans, rice pilaf, Greek salad and roll.
Lamb ShankBraised fore shank of lamb in a special tomato sauce, served with Greek style greek beans, rice pilaf, Greek Salad and roll.


A la Carte Menu

PastitsioLayers of macaroni, grated cheese and sautéed ground beef, topped with cream sauce
MousakkaLayers of eggplant, potato and ground beef topped with cream sauce
Greek Style CalamariGolden fried and served with lemon
DolmathesGrape leaves filled with seasoned ground beef, rice and fresh herbs
Gyro Slices of seasoned beef and lamb, rolled in a pita with onions, tomatoes and tzatziki sauce
Souvlaki PitaGrilled marinated cubes of pork, rolled in pita with onions, tomatoes, and tzatziki
French Fries seasoned with Greek spices
Greek Lemon Roast potatoes
MonestraGreek style orzo  pasta in a light tomato sauce
Fried smelts


Greek Desserts and Pastries

Loukoumathes Round fried doughnuts, served with honey syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon and walnuts

Baklava Filo pastry baked with butter and walnuts topped with honey syrup
Tiropita Thin layers of buttered pastry filled with feta cheese
SpanakopitaThin layers of buttered pastry filled with fresh spinach and feta cheese                                                


Rice pudding                                                                                                                                                      
GalaktobourekoCustard shaped filo pastry topped with honey syrup
KourambiethesButter cookies topped with powdered sugar
Melomakaronacookies, dipped in honey syrup and sprinkled with chopped walnuts
Pasta florablueberry or apricot pastry cake
Koulourakia – twisted shaped butter cookies
Paximadia – toasted cookies
Tsoureki – Grecian sweet bread
Diples - Deep fried Greek style funnel cake

 Greek BEER,WINE & Liquors

If you haven’t had a chance to sip on Greek wine while watching the sunset on one of the Greek Isles, then the next best thing is watching our Greek Dance Troops as you share a bottle of Krasi with that special someone. Below is a list of wines and Greek Beers that we will be serving all Memorial day weekend long into the late hours

Wines – Xinomazro – Imiglykos – Malamatima retsina – Gaia Notios – Apelia

Beer & Liquor – Mythos – Domestic – Plumari Ouzo – variety of other spirits