If you haven’t had a chance to visit the Motherland of Greece, we definitely recommend the trip, but in the meanwhile we’ve brought the Greek Culture to you. We will have a Greek Shopping venue for those of you that are looking to experience the unique taste of Greece. There will be variety of cool things to buy from a wide variety of jewelry,  cool various Greek modern and traditional art, Greek music for all generations, hand made blown glass, and traditional and contemporary Greek clothing.

Thanasi Vergos


Join us at the Greek Festival!

We offer authentic merchandise, including:
· Original Oil Paintings already stretched
· Greek Music CDs
· 1200 and 1600 thread count complete 6-piece bed sets, including 2 sheets and 4 pillow cases
· Hand Blown artistic and collectible perfume bottles
· Dancing Scarves
· Bracelets


Our jewelry collection is comprised of unique designs ALL handcrafted in Greece with a guarantee of authenticity. We specialize in exquisite fashion jewelry designed by selected individuals with diversified style and unique class.

Our prices are affordable and reasonably priced. The artists we work with use a variety of components including sterling silver, bronze, titanium, coral, Swarovski crystal, gems, fres
water pearls, ceramic stones, and handmade glass stones and beads. One special part of our collection is the Baby Line designed by Anthi Zacharaki, from Napflio Greece.


Valeries Unique Boutique

Valeries Unique Boutique specializes in fashion jewelry. Specialtes include evil eye necklaces and bracelets, Greek key bracelets and many other beautiful selections at excellent prices. We have ornate hand bags and exquisite shawls. We feature something new every festival and I am sure it will be eye catching. See you at the festival!


Wiant Jewelers


This is our 29th year attending the Annunciation(Tremont Greek Fest)


Each item offered is a work of art by hand. Each painting has been carefully chosen to allow the viewer to feel as if he or she were in Greece. Each ceramic item delicately painted by skilled artists to produce an item worthy of use in Ancient Greece. Every Icon is created with the same reverence to God that the Monks of Mount Athos have displayed for centuries.